Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hyderabad is seeing rains these days. And, what can you think of on a rainy day - RAINBOW?

As a child, I used to gaze at the sky after rains to see a rainbow. I vaguely recall once seeing a faded one for a fraction of seconds. It was more like a line than an arch and I thought the actual beautiful rainbows occurred only in the books of physics. But, I did see it come out of the book couple of days back. I saw a full fledged beautiful rainbow for minutes(may be 30). It got no fader until I left from there. Now, when I say, I saw 2 rainbows at the same time, you might think I am crazy.

Sometimes when the doctor tweaks my eyes with all kinds of liquids for retina dilations, I tend to see double images. Whoa! this time it was without all those liquids. Actually no, wiki says , very rarely, there occurs a secondary rainbow outside the primary one with colors in opposite order. Oh wow! I don't believe I did see this one too, what a beautiful sight it was.