Sunday, July 20, 2008

National Highway 9(NH-9)

NH - 9 connects Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

I happen to live in one of the apartments on this Highway. It's overloaded with traffic all 24 hours of the day. Specially in the night, you get to see a diversity of vehicles on this road - gigantic wagons, lorries, trucks, volvos, cars, bikes and also bicycles. This highway which connects two major cities of Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad to Vijayawada is not wide enough. Not only that, at some point, thats near my house, it narrows down to some x width where just a truck and a bike placed exactly together can fit. Beside this narrow road is a huge and deep nala (drain). More surprisingly, can you imagine a national highway devoid of lights? Oh yeah!! its India right :)
.... and thats pretty much what makes me hear ambulances all the time because bikers at high speed can't envisage this and bam!!

Unfortunately, I went out to buy some groceries this evening and it grew dark by the time I was returning. I was standing at the divider waiting to cross the other side of the NH-9 (which pretty much appears some narrow road to me), a huge truck passed by. Hadn't I rushed towards the other side, I wouldn't have been blogging about this now :P
May be the truck drivers are seated high enough to notice a tiny creature like me. So, either grow up or pray before you attempt to walk on one of the national highways that the drivers are relatively less drunk otherwise who knows when they might end up engulfing you.