Saturday, March 29, 2008

Did you switch off your lights today?

What occurs to you when you point your browser to the quintessential and are greeted with a jet-black page like the one below?

A lot of things lighted in my mind. Did my browser get mad? Did I become blind? Is my tube-light so dim? I gave myself a pinch, switched browsers, switched the ambient light. But that's not what it was.

They've turned the lights out for an hour. Now it's your turn.

Save Energy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My first workout pains, it seriously does!
I cannot walk straight as if each part of my body has been tightly screwed.

10 min of treadmill at a speed of 6, 10 min of stepper at resistance of 20, some abs exercises and some other machines which were aliens to me - all conspired against me to curtail my freedom of movement :(

Oh please! what did I do to them? I am not even over weight to hurt them.

May be I should go again today and ask them amicably about what wrong did I do to them..Well, people say they are not so bad and you should always give them a second chance. So, I definitely will!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Citi World $ money card

Unfortunately I hold a credit card of, no, not because I like it but because my company provides it to me when I am on business trips.

I thought only living things had mood swings and they change their normal course of behavior at times but no, this dude also has it. It ceases to work without prior warnings! On a particular hour on Sunday, it stops working - the only reason on the top of my head is all its employees are having a tea break!
I am yet to figure out what does it depend on - the phase of the moon, the length of my hair or the price of tea in china!!!

Once I was wondering if I had exhausted $1500 just on my food in a month when my card suddenly became unresponsive in Safeway. To my surprise, it was not the balance which forbade it from working but seems it was on a break for Christmas celebrations!!

I really appreciate myself for my bad driving skills - the only reason being I would always be accompanied by someone. If you go out alone for some planned dinner feeling relaxed without any $ but just Citibank card, I fear you might end up washing used utensils somewhere. Thanks to my friends who have saved me a couple of times from this.