Friday, March 7, 2008

My first workout pains, it seriously does!
I cannot walk straight as if each part of my body has been tightly screwed.

10 min of treadmill at a speed of 6, 10 min of stepper at resistance of 20, some abs exercises and some other machines which were aliens to me - all conspired against me to curtail my freedom of movement :(

Oh please! what did I do to them? I am not even over weight to hurt them.

May be I should go again today and ask them amicably about what wrong did I do to them..Well, people say they are not so bad and you should always give them a second chance. So, I definitely will!


Nirnimesh said...

Miles to go before you stop.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you work-out too. Quite interesting indeed; there are a few painful days in the starting but then I guess you will have a good time.
After reading your blogs it seems that there's something thats hidden behind these posts. I am sure there's something. Lets see what can I figure out from your next post.
I am already loving this blog, keep writing.

Kiran Sawhney said...

It is called DOMS. read my blog to know more about DOMS