Saturday, March 29, 2008

Did you switch off your lights today?

What occurs to you when you point your browser to the quintessential and are greeted with a jet-black page like the one below?

A lot of things lighted in my mind. Did my browser get mad? Did I become blind? Is my tube-light so dim? I gave myself a pinch, switched browsers, switched the ambient light. But that's not what it was.

They've turned the lights out for an hour. Now it's your turn.

Save Energy!


Anonymous said...

You could have saved a lot of energy by not ______. Why throw up such gimmicks that never mean a thing.


Madhuresh said...

By switching off the light of google, a lot of power and energy could be saved. This would help in sustainable development of the resources and the environment.

Mukesh said...

I am sure that there is white/black background is not saving anything, but yes google and many other companies can save a lot of energy if it closed it's office after some time say 10 PM. It will also help people to write such blogs and spread awareness ..

Franco said...

Switching off the light does help, but marginally but what cannot be denied is that such gimmicks divert the attention.. The only solution to climate change is 'lifestyle changes'..., which unfortunately the west is not ready to buy, thanks to their influential corporates..anyway good blog